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50% packet loss ping between VLAN


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 I have configured 4 different vlans on the 4 switches on the right, when i ping between the vlans i have a 50% package drop.

I've setup vlan port on fa =0/5 on all the switches, trunking on port 0/1.

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 - You should setup a central  syslog-server , and redirect logging to it for all involved devices, and check for troublesome messages when this is done, and also when not effectively . Note that if you have sub interfaces configured on a  router then check the  ip addresses. You cannot have the same ip addresses configured on the switch svis as you do on the router sub-interfaces.


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Ping Loss from what source to what destination ?


Do you see ping loss next hop address also ?



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you have load balance over two path, one path end with L3 device know the return path and other path end with L3 without Know the return path and hence you get 50% drop. 
remove the asymmetric routing.

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