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AppleTV across Vlans,Ethernet on Cisco Catalyst vs WLAN Aironet1830 ME

Hi there,

I am setting up some Apple TVs across a classic topology Network

Gateway and its switch>Catalyst Switch>Wlan with Aironet1830 AP and ME installed.

Will be using the AppleTVs on one Vlan but to be accessible across a couple of other vlans. At the moment they are setup via ethernet. Wondering what is the best/most reliable way to approach this, if to go for ethernet connection or if the Wlan with mobility express allows more options/flexibility in using AppleTVs across vlans.

Also functionalities such as airplay what services/functionalities do they need active on the system (bonjour/multicast etc)

Thank you for any suggestions/links etc or what you experienced working better.

As far as you is there a way (maybe with any cisco tools) to access multiple AppleTVs and config in one place (besides Apple Business tool)?

Thank you again!

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Aironet1830 - EOL and i am not sure you get any hardware selling in the market or some body have old stock

I wopuld suggested to look for Cat 9K AP they are much better perfomance for these kind of deployment.

check some suggested guides :

Cat 9K ap as EWC :



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@balaji.bandithank you for the links! Atm though changing AP is not in the plan so will have to find the best way to do it be it via ethernet or using the Aironet1830 running mobility express.

Rahul Kachalia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Since you have Catalyst switch. You may be able to route the mDNS services just like IP networks. Kindly you use following deployment guide to implement the mDNS solution on Catalyst switch rather relying on flood-n-learn on AP and Wired/Wireless VLANs:

Cisco FlexConnect and EWC Bonjour Deployment Guide



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