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Cisco LMS 4.0.1 processes do nat start automatically


I installed CWLMS 4.0.1 on a Solaris 10 server. I noticed that the processes do not start automatically when rebooting the server. I have to start them manually. I receive a out of memory java error and a few more errors in my logs. It seems to be the most important processes that do not start as i am unable to do a discovery of the network. This is a evaluation version of LMS 4.0.1. Can someone please assist?

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Nael Mohammad

1. Post the daemon.log from CSCOpx/log directory.

2. How much swap space do you have for this sever?

3. Post the prtconf and prtdiag outputs.

Hi Neal,

First of all thanks for taking the time for helping out.

I have attached the files as per your request. For the swap i did a vmstat.

Try increasing the heap size from /opt/CSCOpx/MDc/tomcat/webapps/rme/WEB-INF/classes/com/cisco/nm/rmeng/cli/framework/  Increase VM_HEAP_MAX from 512 to 1024.

Hi Nael,

I edited the file as requested but the services still do not start utomatically after a reboot.

Any suggestions?

Sorry for the late response.  Open a TAC SR and refer to this forum so we can webex into the server for further assistances.

Hi Nael,

Will i be able to do open a TAC even though the software downloaded is a trail version?

Will it be possible for some assistance with opening the TAC?

Where do i go on Cisco web etc.



Just for the first level analysis...Make sure the below

CW Process order:
>> The only services that should be automatic are :

* Ciscoworks Daemon Manager
* CWCS rsh/rcp
* CWCS syslog
* CWCS tftp
put the rest back to manual.
Then restart the Daemon Manager

~rate if helpful.


Since this is Solaris, post the install logs from /var/tmp and the files should start with CiscoWorks_Install_xxxxx.log. Did the services start up fine prior to applying the LMS 4.0.1 meaning did it work with LMS 4.0 clean install?

Hi Nael,

We installed LMS 4.0 from scratch and then upgraded to 4.1.

I did not pay attention to see if they started before upgrading

Attached is the log

Hi Rajesh,

I installed LMS on a Solaris server.

I was not aware that you can alter the services to be manual or automatic on Solaris.

Where can i chanes these settings?