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how to deploy prime infrastructure template on selected interfaces/ports



So I manged to create an port grouping (all ports which start with the description ACP)

And I also managed to create a CLI-template with the a DB variable setup (see

My template:

#foreach ($interfaceName in $InterfaceNameList)
interface $interfaceName
     switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
     switchport trunk native vlan 3
     switchport trunk allowed vlan 3-8
     switchport mode trunk

But when I deploy this template it will apply to all the ports on that switch, I can't apply only to the ports in the port group

Is it possible to fix this somehow?

I can think of 3 ways:

Use other menu than Deploy -> Configuration Tasks -> <select template> -> deploy..., Which is the correct one?

Make an new DB variable which only select ports which start with the description "ACP", but I am on the dark how to create such a DB variable, I know I need to edit /opt/CSCOlumos/conf/ifm/template/inventoryTagsInTemplate/ but I can't find the syntax/field description

Use an "if construction" in the cli template, something like #if(${description} == "ACP" ...., but how precisely?

Who can give me any tips?


Emiel Witteman

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Nicholas Poole

Did you get anywhere with this?  I want to do something similar, configure just some ports, not all ports.  Prime seems to work by deploying templates to device groups, but I want it to deploy by device and port groups.  Sadly it seems port groups are just monitoring filters only.


There only appears to be 17 DB variables in Prime at the moment and none of them are interface description.


I don't know if you can edit the file to add some more.


I don't understand why the power of port groups isn't available to configuration deployment.





I am still stuck with this problem, it seems indeed that port groups are just monitoring filters only, while we need to centrally deploy per port settings.....




Being fairly new to PI, we wanted to push config to a custom list of interfaces, apparently, the port group cannot be used, only device groups to deploy a template, very weird.

Until now, no one has come up with a valuable solution


Lieven Stubbe

Belgian railways

I don't understand why I can group interfaces by looking at their description (Inventory -> Grouping -> Port) but then there is not a variable in the DB Inventory to use about conditional port configuration based on their description...

Any suggestion?

Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

This is one of the areas where PI has not caught up to Prime LMS. This can be done using compliance templates in LMS (since version 3.x and still available on LMS 4.x).

See this document for details.

If you have PI license, you are most likely entitled to LMS as well as Cisco have been providing it along with almost all PI orders.

Thanks for the reply.  Im aware that there are still gaps between LMS and Prime, I didn't see the ability to push a config to a port group as being a compliance feature, but I see what you are saying.


What I don't get though is that your link (thanks again) bears no resemblance to the config/admin guide section in Prime.  Which in fact was in the NCS docs too (I haven't gone back any further to check).


If its not supported then that's bad enough, but for Cisco to document what seems to be an NCS/Prime specific way to do this and leave it in when it doesn't work really is appalling.


Im still hoping Cisco finally make a management tool without major gaps in it...  :-(

The features in the document I linked to are available in Prime LMS.

They grouped them under Compliance Templates with the mindset that compliance can be compliance with an internal standard or design, not just compliance to a regulatory or legal requirement (like PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA etc.)


Just wondering if anyone has figured this out in PI 3.x?




Me too wondering if anyone has figured this out in PI 3.5.1 for me!

Thanks a lot!



This port level deployment of configurations DOES exist now in at least Prime Infrastructure 3.8.0, just tested.  If you create a Port Group under Inventory, you can then create a CLI or similar template and choose Port (radio button) as the type (rather than the default of Device) and when you go to Deploy the template, it will ask you what Ports you want to deploy to.  At this point, you may select your existing Port Group to give you a list of all Ports in Prime that match the group criterion, to which you want to deploy the configuration to.  It takes whatever is in the template and applies it automatically with an injected "interface gig/whatever" line right before each instance that it executes...!

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