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How to make Alarm for interface Up/Down on Cisco Pi 1.3?

Dear all,

Could anyone please tell me how to monitor only some Uplink ports on C2960S, C3750X on Cisco PI 1.3?

I would like to receive the Alarm in case one of my critical ports is down.

Using syslog seem be inconvenient because it makes alarm for all ports.


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Have you tried to configure an port group?

Perhaps this works.

Did you mean using the SNMP to monitor the group of ports?

I used the default interface health monitoring of Cisco PI 1.3, that included:

- Interface availability

- Interface input/output utilization/error/discard ...

However, it only show the availability percent of ports and port utilization,...

it did not make alarm when port down?

could you explain more details?


Yes, i meant that.

I've tried to create an port group and deploy template, but I had no success

I'll keep trying to find a way, if I get something, I'll let you know.

Actually, when you monitor Interface availability, it only provides Availability percent of ports (Ex: 25% uptime, 75% downtime)

If you want to monitor up/down status of ports, use IF-MIB with IfOperStatus and IfAdminStatus Objects.

However, for PI, it did not works.

Anyone help?


Hello Guys,

I have this problem here too, i need to monitor only trunk ports in my access switches, not all.

I receive some e-mails alarms because the up/down ports...

Anyone can help us?

Tks in advance!

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Can somebody confirm that the Interface Availability parameter in the default monitoring policy of WAN interfaces does not raise any alarms?