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Nexus 7009 SSH Problems

Level 1
Level 1

Hey Guys. I have a nexus 7009 that used to work connecting via SSH. However now I cannot connect to it via ssh. It appears the SSH is connects but doing a show users from the console shows nothing connected other than the console connection.

Any ideas on the trouble shooting? session-timeout didnt resolve the issue.

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Level 4
Level 4

Nexus 7k's stops accepting connections if there are 64 connections, or if the load is excessive.

Depending on the version, you may be hitting this bug.

(assumes you have console) Find your syslog server:

switch# show logging server

There you can investigate if the logs provide you any clues.

Doing a process lookup shows 64 ssh processes running, so your thought was correct.. We had it set at default which i think is 32 so I am not sure how it even got there.

Is there a way to fix this? Obviously nobody here is logged in to it so its hung up somewhere.

I believe the 64 connections is the default.  But I also think the default timeout for a ssh session is some very large value. Something like 1 year.  You may want to have the sessions simply time out thereby freeing them up for other use.

I have seen this happen with misconfigured management systems that log in and then don't log out. Eventually the lines are all used and further logins are blocked.

"show users" should reveal the culprit(s). You can then kill those lines and remedy the rogue system (or uninformed user) that's causing the problem.