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NTP Server using Cisco 2811

Kai Onken


I've setup a NTP service by using Cisco 2811 routers. This works fine at the moment, but in the end there are some questions left.

1. I'm using two 2811 Routers, one for primary, which is resceiving the time from PUBLIC NTP 1, and one for backup, which is resceiving the time from PUBLIC NTP 2. Is it possible to compare these to times an check if the match? And if not, generate an alarm via e.g. SNMP

2. Is it possible to check via SNMP, if the routers are reaching PUBLIC NTP 1 and PUBLIC NTP 2 for sync?

Kind regards

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Hello Paolo,

in first case you are right with this link, but the OID I would need is:

This OID is included in the CISCO-NTP-MIB, but not available, when I do a snmpwalk. Do I have something special to do, that the OID apears?

The to are available and cntpSysSrvStatus would be

Even when I use an adv. enterprise IOS.

Kind regards

It can be a bug, in which case you will need to raise a TAC case.

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