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Recommended Lan Management solution


Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a LAN Management solution from Cisco based on the following specifications, any recommended one?

The other question, what is the difference between CiscoWorks LMS and Cisco Prime Infrastructure? which one is considered a LAN Management solution


The following are the minimum required specifications for the centralized LAN management system:

a.Shall be provided by the same vendor providing the core and access switches in order to optimize performance and remove any incompatibilities.

b.Shall provide a Web-based view of the status of the entire network with browser access to real-time device status, operational and configuration


c.Shall provide network inventory and device change management, network configuration and software image management, network availability, and

   Syslog analysis.

d.Shall provide real-time fault analysis for network devices. Shall be able to generate intelligent traps that can be locally displayed, email-ed or forwarded

   to other network management systems.

e.Shall be able to do Layer 2 device and connectivity discovery, show detailed topology views, configure Virtual LANs, track end-stations, and perform

   Layer2/3 path analysis.

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Marvin Rhoads
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Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution would be the product covering the above requirements.

There are several threads covering the differences between it and Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Please have a look at one of them and post back if you still have further questions.

Reference thread

Cisco comparison LMS vs. PI

Thanks Marvin for your quick answer, but the link ( reference thread) giving me the following error:

Forbidden File or Application

Could you pls post the content of this link here in the forum?

Best Regards


I'm not sue why that thread isn't coming up for you - it works for me even when I'm not logged into CSC.

But in any case here's the relevant post I made a couple of months ago, copied for your information:

Mar 13, 2013 10:05 PM                             (in response to michaelatef)

Cisco Endorsed what is the Link between NCS, Prime LMS and Prime infrastructure

Prime  Infrastructure has for the most part replaced NCS as Cisco's wireless  (and, to some extent, wired) infrastructure management tool. NCS is  still being updated ( dated 7 Feb 2013) but only incrementally.  Most development work is focused on the flagship PI product.

Along  the way, Prime Infrastructure (currently at version 1.3) has acquired  wired infrastructure management (among other things) but has not yet  reached parity with Cisco Prime LMS. The roadmap is targeting much  greater (but not complete) feature parity with LMS when PI 2.0 is  released later this year.

Prime  LMS (current release is 4.2.3) is the sucessor to Cisco LMS /  CiscoWorks LMS and RWAN / CiscoWorks 2000 / CWSI / CiscoWorks etc. It is  the most full-featured product for Cisco wired infrastructure.

So,  back to your question. Build one appliance with PI 1.3, the other with  LMS 4.2 (patched to 4.2.3). Focus on following up that technology   upgrade with process and people development / adaptation. Watch for PI  2.0 to make an informed choice as to whether it is time to replace LMS  altogether. (I remain hopeful yet doubtful on this last point.)

I would recommend you Prime LMS 4.2.3. That fullfill you all needs. For more detail you can go to the below link

Thanks Ravi,

Is Prime LMS is a windows server based application or VMware? as it has to be windows based in addition is it a separate product or part of prime infrastructure?

i.e if I want to buy Prime LMS should I buy first the Prime Infrastructure ?



Marvin Rhoads