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SSL Utility Script seems to be hanging

Hello.  I am running LMS 4.0.1 on Windows 2008r2 and trying to install a CA certificiate.  I am using the SSL Utility Script, and under option 4, "Verify the input Certificate/Certificate Chain" it seems to go okay but when I try option 5 "Upload Single Server Certificate to CiscoWorks Server" the option just seems to minutes.  I let it go for at least 10 minutes, it asks if I want to continue "[y/n]?"  I enter "y" and nothing happens.  The cursor just blinks belong the line asking if I want to continue.

how long should it take to respond, or any tips on how to get this to work?


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Here is the output from opt 4, (This is for a root certificate):

INFO:  Certificate is a Base64-Encoded X.509Certificate

Lodaing 'screen' into random state -Loading 'screen' into random statie - done done

INFO:  Certificate validated with Server's Private Key sucessfully

INFO:  Certificate date is valid on the server

When it asks "are ther any intermediate Certificates or Root CA Certificate [y/n]?

I answer "no"

There are quite a few INFO messages, but nothing telling me the cert is not good.

It then asks to press ENTER to return to Main Menu.  That's when I try to import the cert using option 5.  The script just hangs then.

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