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Using Prime template to modify local usernames to device


Has any one used Prime and a template to delete or modify local user names on a Cisco device? We have a user that has left the company and need to remove their local login from our 200+ devices in prime. It seems some of our devices simply can take the no username {user} wihout issue and some seem to need a "confirmation" as part of the delete. I currently have a two line template running with the no username command followed by a "y: on the second line to see if that will work across the board. It seems I am having more failures that success but will need to go look as specific samples to see why. Just wondering if there was something better. 



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You need to look the template , are you looking to remove the users and adding new users ?


i will do small script out of the Box, not to use Prime (personally)


you can look the template :




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At the moment I am looking to remove users. I have no problems creating and deploying a template I am just trying to figure what needs to be in there for the deployment to succeed. I am seeing the following in the job log and do have y as the second line of the template thinking that would be the input for the question. Do I need something more or different?

Error : Connnection timed out while executing the command Current output : no username fred
This operation will remove all username related configurations with same name.Do you want to continue? [confirm]
Current expects : (Wynne_Sale.{0,30}|Wynne_Sales)([^)]+)#s*z
ACCEPT? (yes/[no]):


Circling back to see if anyone has s solution as this has come up again. The older versions of IOS can be addressed with the template as they do not ask for verification but not so with the new versions. Just trying to not have to walk the network and manually clean up so many. 


I cannot test this, so I do not know if this works, but check the last post from 'ilyas mohammed' in the thread linked below:

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