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Which router should I use to replace 4331

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Hi, I have to help my client they already bought 3 routers for 3 buildings. WAN connection is 4331 and other building connecting to it are 4221. But as 4331 only has 2 ports. Should I add module for more ports or replace 4331 with 4431? And do I have to buy license for 1GB connection to buildings? 


Like WAN connection to 4331 is about 500MB and this connects to other buildings with fiber to 4221. Do i still need to buy performance license to get 1GB connection to each building?


Thanks for your help.

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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame
4331 cannot push 500 Mbps. 4431 can push 500 Mbps.
Get a SM-X-4X1G-1X10G.

So should I keep 4331 and buy the card you suggested? what about this NIM-2GE-CU-SFP would this work with 4331 I mean do I need to buy performance license for this one?

If I get 4451 would I need to buy anything else?

@ArshdeepDhillon wrote:

So should I keep 4331 and buy the card you suggested?

Depends on your WAN speed.

WAN speed is 200MB for now at main site and others are 50MB. it will be increased soon.