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Dears,    when i make packet trace to the VPN site to site I see this problem    Phase: 9Type: VPNSubtype: encryptResult: DROPConfig:Additional Information: Result:input-interface: insideinput-status: upinput-line-status: upoutput-interface: outsideo...

Hello all,   I am trying to used PAT here on the outside interface of my ASA in GNS3. I am constantly being met with this problem: Here I am trying to do Auto-NAT. I have a network object named INSIDE-NETWORK with the subnet I created a ...

Topology.PNG Problem.PNG

I have ASA 5505, but i have to shut it off, because of the WAN is not gigabit and i upgraded my Internet to Fios gigabit.   I used to have VPN with asa5505 and i dont have any VPN since i removed it from network.  Now how do i use it only for VPN ser...

Hi;   I faced with a very strange issue on ASA FTD 6.2.2. I have many VMs on a ESXi host on different vlans. but I started to experience reachability issues to those VMs. when I opened those VMs by vSphere Client console, I saw all of them used 169.2...

Hi, I've problem with booting ASA5506 - after startup it hangs with flash problem readin (it says cannot see drive0 and rebooting). Once I have a luck and it successfully started but after reloading hangs again, now after few weeks I turn it on tryin...

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