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Hi All,I have been poking around the FMC and noticed that at some point I had enabled File Policy which ended up storing Office Documents, as there have been plenty of connection I noticed that someone had access document containing files aka sensiti...

AigarsK by Level 1
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I am trying to get traceroute to work from my internal network to the Internet through a FTD2110 managed by FMC running 6.2.3 code   I created an access policy allowing ICMP type 3 and 11 from the outside to the inside. I added ICMP permit statements...

ASA with FirePower had a "fail open/close" setting to control access in case of SFR module failure.  From what I can tell, with an FTD device the IPS function is integrated into the firewall (LINA?) so is this setting NA in the FTD environment? Thank...

tato386 by Level 6
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Dear community,we are facing the issue explained below. packets are not being encapsulated, encrypted to the IPSec tunnel on following SA10.118.32.0 sa clearing does not fix the problem.asa version is ASA 9...

I have multiple FPR-2120 & 2140's managed by an FMC.If I configure SNMP v2 it works great, but some are remote & thus need SNMP v3 due to access via the internet. If I configure SNMP v2 it works great, if I update to SNMP v3, it fails for no apparent...

ida71 by Level 1
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