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ASA version 9.6(3)1  both nat have same configuration except use interface, anyone have same question? this object work fine object network nat (DMZ,xyz) static 202.175.xx.203 service tcp smtp smtp this object not w...

Hi everyone  I study CCNA and have network created in Packet tracer with 4 vlans. I want to restrict some of the specific hosts from www: VLAN 20 hosts and 30 hosts and 40 hosts 192.168....

 Hi,Has anyone updated SF on a 5506-X? I just got two out of the box and tried to update and I get this error:Task Status Your task Installing Cisco Network Sensor Patch version: (Local Install) failed at Wed Jun 10 21:11:20 2015Update Ins...

There are a lot of messages in my Syslog in Firepower Management Center: Dec 17 2015 10:02:15 firepower SF-IMS[9098]: [28745] ADI:adi.ldap_query_handler [ERROR] Remote LDAP Query failed with error: LQ_DN_UNAVAILABLE And most of users can't be recozn...

lyutov_dv by Level 1
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Hello all, I have an ASA on 9.6 that I cannot get to forward tcp ports.  I am using NAT and ACL to control traffic for these ports.  If I put an IP any any statement in the ACL everything works fine, but when I remove the IP any any and rely on the ...

Hello everybody So, the new version with Anyconnect support is finally here.. but only for thr FMC?! Does that mean I can't use Anyconnct with an ASA 5506-X on FTD version It's kinda confusing :-S Thanks!

Dear All, IP address spoofing can be defined as the intentional misrepresentation of the source IP address in an IP packet. My question here is that, If an attacker is spoofing an address that belongs to an organizations Private ip segment, then how ...

secureIT by Level 4
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Hi, I would like to know, how to check MD5 hashes , SHA1 hashes , SHA256 hashes, URL and Registry key in CISCO ASDM. But nowadays we  have to monitor closely on our system. This hashes checking for cyber security purposes. Pls assist. Thanks

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