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I'm brand new to this, so thanks for reading my silly questions :p I have access to the cli of my asa5512. How do I access the cli of my connected IPS? How do I find the IPS's IP address? # show vers ... IPS Module : Enabled perpetual ...

esa_fresa by Beginner
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Hi Guys I have a few questions that i need answers for please. I am still new to this field Does the ASA5506-K9 come with Content Filtering, VPN and a reporting feature by default? Can i see how much bandwidth the users are using and what websites th...

LSA4 by Beginner
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Guys few confusion regarding ass transparent mode . We have a networks which we need to segregate (2 vlans ) as they are on same subnet diner decided that add an asa between them and make it transparent mode I have few questions  1 BVi can only be cr...

I have two interfaces on Defense Center.  One of them (eth1) is on a management vlan that does not have Internet access.  When AMP tries to connect to cloud it frequently tries via eth1 and I get the above message and a health monitoring alert.  I kn...

Mark^ by Beginner
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Hì, we are evaluate this ASA model: ASA5508-FPWR-BUN. We need a device with integrated FirePower services, for a small network without any server installed. Or possiblity of install any type of hardware different by network device type. This model ...

fdetoma by Beginner
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