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Hi all!Recently I'm upgraded my workstation from ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 and ASDM (7.6.1) can't run now with following error: net.sourceforge.jnlp.LaunchException: Fatal: Launch Error: Could not launch JNLP file. The application has not been initialize...

I've got a simple NAT router. Fa0/0 is outside and Fa0/1 is inside. Inside network is Outside network is a single dynamic public IP assigned from the ISP. I'm trying to implement a "Deny by Default" rule set that denies all inbound tra...

mattlager by Level 1
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I am using CSM 4.9 with authentication using ACS. We have configured CSM to use the login credential when doing configuration and deployment to the device. But it look like the module Health and Performance Monitor required the Primary Credential, i...

i have a design as attached where 2 firewalls connected to two IPS in cross connects, i want to ensure Active/standby in my design, but not sure whther IPS interface can be bundled like BVI to ensure sensing of ASA1-ASA2 failover. Does the new FP8350...

Hi We use ASA 5525X for our networking. we are running out of IPs on a /24 network VLAN and need to expand it with a new subnet. Currently our sub interfaces configured with same security level (100) and disabled "Enable traffic between two or more i...

maroozi01 by Level 1
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I have a remote ASA I'm trying to setup an SLA to monitor a single IP on the other side of a IPSEC Tunnel I have built. I can ping the IP fine from the remote ASA. I'm using the following commands: sla monitor 100  type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho addre...

We have defence centre 3D 1500 ver 5.3.1 and we have ASA ver 5.3.1  ( ASA 5555-X 5512-x and appliance running  ( 3D 8130) WE require to upgrade defense centre to ver .for upgarde process do we have to upgarde to version the...

Dears   when i select users while creating a new policies I get the attached error. i have some queries for the access control policies Rule 1: action: block , ,zone: inside to outside,,  source :any destination: any url : high risk url   Result wil...

Hi, I am new to the world of networking and firewalling (I am the SAN/VMware who was given the "you are the network guy tshirt) I have a ASA 5508-X running 9.4.   My remote VPN users are currently connecting and are getting IP's from the local IP po...

cloudops by Level 1
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Hello All,   I need to know how many access-lists i can apply on the outside interface of ASA. If only one then i already have a access-list running on my ASA which is: access-list OUTSIDE-IN-ACL extended permit icmp any any and i have applied to th...

mudasir05 by Level 1
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