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Traffic Between INSIDE and DMZ Cisco ASA

I need to be able to ping a DMZ host from an INSIDE host and visa versa. I have tried configuring a static nat as follows static (INSIDE,DMZ) netmask I created an access-list called EXEMPT which permits any...

cro130271 by Beginner
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FirePower Services

Hi , I am fairly new to the Firepower services, I am currently ordering equipment for a client, namely 2x 5516-FPWR-Bun Firewalls, I just want to confirm 2 things, Do I need a FirePower IPS  Licence (L-ASA5515-TA) per device? and secondly do I only n...

Resolved! ACE ordering

Hi, I have a really long access list that has the following 2 entries, in this order, contained in it:show ip access-list blah<output omitted> 1010  deny ip any log  (no matches)1200  permit tcp host gt 1023 any e...

sue.nall by Beginner
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Can't Find SKUs in CCW

Hi - I just can not find the following SKUs in CCW . Anyone can help with correct SKU and its replacement part numberDS-FIPS-KIT = REV-BOCisco4 labels and 0 shield per kit for ASA 5520ASA5585-X-FIPS-KITCisco8 labels and 1 shield per kit for ASA 5585

PAT configuration issue

Hi all,First a little background on what I'm trying to do. I have a webserver in my DMZ running two FTP sites, one on port 21 and one on port 24. The ftp server running on port 21 is working fine, however I am having issues configuring my ASA5505 for...

AnyConnect VPN

I have configured Anyconnect VPN. I can connect to VPN from outside successfully but can not ping my server or map shared folder.can anybody have alook on firewall config and help me out. ASA Version 9.1(2) !hostname DASA2domain-name JDSYINGAA.comena...