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Hey Im Running Firepower with on a 5555X. Using the FireSIGHT console to manage. When sending one of our internet connected interface through FirePOWER, the CPU jumps up 25-30 % on the ASA and the latency goes up with 40-150ms.  I need to find out...

Hi everyone, Now i´m working with a ASA 5506X, and Sourcefire module, by now it´s working ok but i have an issue with the block page (Https response) beacuase only works with Internet Explorer and the other Browser dont, and also don´t show the http ...

Hello, Does any way to change each rule signature thresholds value ? because nothing showing there when browse each rule signature. Even when I I try to enable FireSIGHT recommendations.  Although it allow me to config the threshold value.  But eve...

Machi Ma by Level 1
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Hi, Show the access rule associated with this syslog messageCurrently only syslogs with IDs 106100 and 106023 can be used to correlate the rule Please select a syslog entry with ID 106100 or106023 to see an associated rule does it mean i have to run ...

elite2010 by Level 3
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Hi, just want to know further regarding service "ip" in Cisco ASA. I was advised from my previous thread that this includes ICMP or ping. In my access rules, I've already set all rules to be ip as the service but for some reason, our internal IP's is...

TECH-JEFF by Level 1
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folks I'm setting up an asa cluster (asa 5585) across two data centres (one unit in each) the cluster is working ok with a spanned port-channel for the inside and another one for the outside there are no subinterfaces or vlans and there is a dedic...

Hi, I have converted my Cisco ASA 5545x version 9.1(2) from single mode to multi mode context. I have  created 2nd  username B and password in admin context as below, but some how my only new username A and password works and other one keep saying ac...

En cisco ASA: System config has been modified. Save? [Y]es/[N]o: ¿cómo tomar la decisión de guardar o no sin saber los cambios que se van a aplicar? ¿algún comando como show | compare de Juniper? How to properly choose to save or not without knowin...

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