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I'm having issues with getting SIP and RTP traffic through a Cisco ASA with NAT enabled. Diagram of issue:, when we enable the SIP inspection on the ASA, the SIP messages are generated by "SIP CLIENT" and when genera...

Hello, Before I say something out of turn can anyone tell me a valid reason that someone would assign a public IP address to an interface on a 6800 that is a core switch? SSH is also open from the outside to any IP address.  True you have to authen...

angel-moon by Participant
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Hello, I have two image asa842-k8.bin and asa825-k8.bin. on my ASA But in the conf, it only have this commande : boot system disk0:/asa842-k8.bin Is the best practice to put the two boot image in the running-config or if the image in the running_co...

Dear Cisco Experts and Cisco experienced persons!This is a failover problem. We have A/S FWSM failover configuration (ver. 4.0.6 each)This problem suddenly appears when our ACTIVE unit configuration reached 125K in size. STANDBY can't load this confi...

scytmax_2 by Beginner
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So, I have a range of public address's .104 /29 my outside interface is 106 on the ASA with the next hop as 105. i have a SIP gateway server and have created object NAT for it, I did this in the ADSM, so the source address is and the NA...

I have an ASA 5510 running 9.1(2). I am not entirely familiar with the ASA firewall, but know enough to be dangerous with it. What I am looking for is some help on the syntax and proceedure to get a second subnet added into the device and working. W...

JonRM1970 by Beginner
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