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I am attempting to cleanup some of the NAT configurations on our ASA before we upgrade from 8.2.5 to 8.3+. I had a question regarding the global nat configurations. I understand of the purpose of most the statements below, but I don't understand the ...

tbthurman by Level 1
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Hi Experts, Getting ""OutPut Discard"" on Nexus 93128 Nexus switches on some interfaces, pl have look on below log. Discards packets keep increasing. Nexus-1# sh  int eth1/32 | in discard    0 input with dribble  0 input discard    0 lost carrier  0...

Is there a way to block VPN services on a Cisco ASA 5520?  Users are connecting with their wireless devices and creating VPN tunnels to bypass the content filter and firewall on the network. Thanks

Hey. I'm currently having an issue with the network speeds being throttled down. I've deleted all the QoS settings but download speeds are stuck at 10mbits while upload is going normal at 60mbits. I've went through all the settings but haven't seen a...

andrew by Level 1
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Greetings, New ASA 5545 installCannot browse to firepower module @ to register licensing ASA connected to layer 3 switchSwitch - int vlan 51 2 ports in vlan 51ASA - g0/1 DG - firepower

emetesh by Level 1
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Hi guys . I got 5506-x and first time will do installation from the scratch (before i was working with installed asa firewalls  ). I got confused a little bit ASA says "This platform has a Base license." So does it mean I must upgrade a licenses on i...

Hello everybody, I have a deployment of an ASA5585-SSP-10 pair (Act-Stby) which works with no issues. On the secondary unit we noticed that the FirePOWER module shows a 100% use of the /boot: > show disk Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted ...

J. K. by Level 1
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