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Customer wants to manage his ASA devices, he also want to use Prime infrastructure. For the ASA I can choose the CSM (which is "outdated" I think) or the Firesight manager. What should I advise? I know you can configure in the CSM, but as a workaroun...

HiI need to create a ASA asdm user who can do read only but also manage an acl from the ASDM interfacei.e. role based users with a mainly read only setup but alsoideally to be able to just enable/disable (manipulate) acl entries i think this is doabl...

Hi All, I have been working on two ASA550s trying to get the site to site working I get no output at all. sh crypto isakmp sa There are no IKEv1 SAs There are no IKEv2 SAs I have followed all guides etc but nothing seems to work.  My set up is a 1...

Hi all, I have 2 Cisco ASA 5512-x's. They both came with 4GB memory (I believe that's standard) When I do a "sh ver" I get this output: Cisco5512-RESI up 3 days 8 hours Hardware:   ASA5512, 4096 MB RAM, CPU Clarkdale 2792 MHz, 1 CPU (2 cores)        ...

we're getting a security scan from the outside before we're allowed to accept credit card payments and it's failing because SSLv2, SSLv3, and TLSv1 are not disabled. Is there anyway for me to disable these from the Cisco RV180W? any help would be gr...

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