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Currently I have a Cisco ASA 5510 with older images on it. I want to get my ASA updated to a more current OS. I want to go from : asa825-k8.bin - Firewall Image asdm-621.bin To: asa941-203-smp-k8.bin asdm-751-90.bin If I tftp the images onto the A...

bmack2121 by Level 1
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Dear All, has any one tried to install firesight vmware file with (.ovf) extension not (.vmdk) extension and worked properly?!!because i installed (.ovf) file but i cannot perform any network discovery or monitoring users even if Firesight license is...

Short story is... we have an ASA 5515X firewall, 3 Mbps (fiber symetric) internet bandwidth, 30 clients, but when someone download something big, the rest of the clients lost internet access. How can i resolve this. Any example or guide will be highl...

Hi, Can you please advise what emweb/https process does? sh proc cpu     MAXHOG             NUMHOG             LASTHOG             Process--------------     ---------------     ---------------       ---------       150                  8             ...

pokwan by Level 1
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Hello experts, One question on ASA 9.x (or post 8.2) Nat- Scenario: 2 internal hosts PAT'd one public IP (not interface IP). Users from internet able to reach one of the hosts on 'https'. What is recomended config?  Object network TEST  subnet 192.16...

Hi, Can you advise if packets are dropped from the ASA with the log message below? How can we get the source IP performing the scanning below? TIA PF %ASA-4-733100: [ Scanning] drop rate-1 exceeded. Current burst rate is 6 per second, max configured ...

pokwan by Level 1
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After a week or so of FirePower being in serivce I am receiving a notification that the host license limit has been reached (50k) Right now the action is set to overwrite old hosts. My internal network does not exceed 150+ physical devices so I'm und...

Matthew by Level 1
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I've got an ASA with two "outside" interfaces and twelve "inside" interfaces. One of those twelve inside interfaces is called "Guest_Wifi" and all it has access to is the internet. Some of the resources it needs access to are resources on another in...

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