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Hello,we are trying to design a sandwich ASA with contexts mode.we have a couple ASA 5505 with licences for context and failover.we are thinking on Active-Pasive and two context:internet --- ASA1andASA2 in failover Context 1 ---- DMZ  --- ASA1andASA2...

after changing admin password on CLI and then logging in on web interface, I can no longer log into CLI from old admin, new acsadmin/new password, new accounts created with passwords with SuperAdmin status...what am I missing?

spratff by Beginner
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Resolved! Bypass Mac Filter

I have this network. How can i block the Internet traffic to the smarphones devices but not the traffic of the laptop?Cause they are bypassing the Mac filter, due that his packets are encapsulated with the MAC of the netbook.There is a way that force...

Linkeichi by Beginner
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on PIX 515 - how to make interface throughput more with Fast Ethernet multiple port? any idea ? other solution like creating vlan on pix and assigning multiple port with same security level?   and  as i know pix wont support etherchannel

Hi guys,  I need your help to find out why  computers from GuestDMZ can not access to inside . When I do packet-trace it shows packets are allowed but I still can't access servers inside from DMZ . I have this config:"""interface GigabitEthernet0/4.4...

Hi,I am moving FWSM 4.1(15) config to ASA 9.2. I have some specific static natting on FWSM where I have both static (inside,outside) and static (inside,inside) for the same set of internal and external address. It is working fine with the 'alias' for...

S891 by Explorer
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we have two firewallold firewall pix outside IP Firewall ASA outside Ip Old Firewall (PIX) is NATTED (Globally) inside with interface for most of the network segments which include many applications and other ...

Dear All,I have an environment as follow:ISP->C3945 router --> ASA5585X with FirePower--> C4503 switch (VSS cluster configured)And it was OK before I put ASA5585X to the network. But after I put ASA to the production network, internet connection goes...

Hello people! I have the next issue.We have bought a SSM 4 Gigabit module for our ASA 5510. So now I want to migrate an interface that now is "Eth0/0.10" to the new SFP "Gi1/0.10".Question is: what is the right way to do it?I have many features runni...

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