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Hello,I've been thinking of 2 scenarios that could happen and I woud like to be ready.  If a config error was made on our ASA (we have 2 in active/standby mode) what is the best way to recover assuming we have a tftp backup or local flash copy?  I kn...

Andy White by Participant
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Resolved! Cisco ASA 5512

Hi Guys, I have a basic setup. I have a cisco ASA5512 Gig0 is connected to the internetGig1 is the 'inside' network which has an ip of this plug into our switch on the LANwe do not have an management interface setup.My questions is doe...

Dear Techies,Following messages are generating on ASA and when it starts generating our VPN client (remote users) failed to pass thourgh IKE phase and VPN client get a message "VPN CLIENT ERROR".We clear all vpn session and also reapply cryto map for...

Hello,I have a PIX firewall with inside, outside, dmz1 and dmz2 interface.nameif ethernet0 outside security0nameif ethernet1 inside security100nameif ethernet2 dmz1 security80nameif ethernet3 dmz2 security70I can run icmp echo request from inside to ...

Resolved! syncing configs

Hi, I've configured  firewall 1 by pasting in the config from the existing firewall that I will be replacing. Now I want to sync the config with firewall 2. What must I configure on Firewall 2 to make this happen when I attach the firewalls over the ...

Hello,although we all know he problem of Cisco IPS's with Java, and knowing that java vulnerabilities are increasing, updating Java version is not allowed else we lose the ability to open IDM for the IPS's.Another thing is appearing now, is that I wi...

learnsec by Beginner
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