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Resolved! asa port ip's

On an ASA firewall I have a few cables plugged into ports. No IP addresses are assigned to ports (show interfaces details verifies that). But, a show run verfies that interface vlans have been created with ip addresses assigned.1. Why would the ip no...

8.2 HI ALL Here is my scenerio and I have worked on this with TAC support over the last month, we finally made progress by getting our ISP to activate the 5 static IPs but here is my issue.basically we have a VOIP phone that is "remote". This phone n...

jason by Beginner
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Hi everyoneHope you can help me with this issue.I'm trying to manage an brand new ASA 5525-X with ASDM, the image we have are the following:ASA image: asa861-2-smp-k8.binASDM image: asdm-66114.binthis are the default images that came with the device....

Hi allIf I want to NAT to a pool via a vpn tunnel on my ASA, is this OK?I have done a nat from the original source addresses, destination originalthen translates to source pool of addresses, destination originalDo I base my VPN tunnel phase 2 network...

Hi,I have an ASA 5505 firewall.  It was requested that when accessing internet, internal users get NAT translated to a public IP.  There has to be a one-to-one translation between internal and outside IP addresses.  Is it possible to do static NAT tr...

Dear Team ,           When we see the show ssh sessions on our ASA . it shows output as following K-ASA# show ssh sessionsSID Client IP       Version Mode Encryption    Hmac     State            Username0   x.x.x.x               2.0     IN      aes25...

tusharp81 by Beginner
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Hello, I followed the listed instructions to recover the password for an ASA and after rebooting the ASA I get the   rommon #0> prompt.I was wondering if the below procedure is the correct one or if I am doing something wrong. Thanks for you assistan...

sadik.bash by Beginner
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Hi Guys,In regards configuring redundant Interface, correct me if i'm wrong from what i understand if I bond two interface(e.g e0/0+e0/1) this will create one logical interface, so regarding the physical Interface does this means that one of them are...

Hi Everyone,For Remote Access VPN here is the current setup--User Connect to the Corp VPN  via Internet it first hits the Corp Internet ASA then it connects to the VPN gateway.Say PC connects to VPN gateway IP 150.x.x.x.This IP delongs to VPN gateway...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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