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hi out thereI have a active-active setup with 2 cisco asa 5585x running 8.4 - the boxes ahve each 2 sec context's build-in - which gives 4 sec context in the cluster. I have 2 x 5 extra licenses (2 x ASA5500-SC-5)  which I haven't applied yet - will ...

tiwang by Level 3
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HiI need to use switchport monitor  command on my ASA 5515X  8.6(1) but I do not see that command under interface. ASA(config-if)#interface gigabitEthernet 0/1 ASA(config-if)# s? interface mode commands/options:   security-level     shutdown    speed...

hi all,i configured our new ASA 5525-X for AAA/TACACS+ but got locked out so i have to reboot.when i applied the AAA config, it showed an error saying 'enable_15' in not in LOCAL this the fallback method or should it be the telnet/enable ...

Hello,I configured an ASA5512 with the integrated IPS software module. I am having issues connecting to the software module. The IPS software module is running and I have configured it for the same subnet as my inside interface. When I click on the I...

Hi Guys, I am running two ASA at two different sites, with versions 8.4(5) and 8.2(3).I have inside users with a client-software having issue connecting to a third part site, which runs a specific application requires, some ports open for their appli...

rizwanr74 by Level 7
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I am working on a customer ASA5525X and have run into a very strange situation. I am able to go into config mode and to make changes. But when I try to save to startup config I get an error message that it failed because the file system is read only....

Hello,My customer has lost the key for cluster group os ASA.What is the impact of remove key in cluster group of ASA?. If i disable cluster in all slave and remove in the master i think that i will not have service disruption. Any help will be apprec...

With an ASA is there a way for it to allow scp(port 22) traffic from a host to another host but deny ssh(port 22)? Obviously this an encrypted protocol but I do not know if there is some difference between the two that can be matched.

lostngone by Level 1
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hi,i've plan to get an internet edge 2911 router that routes public ip space between 2x internal asa is a regular 5510 ver 8.2 and the other is our new context-based 5525-x ver question is, who does NAT here is it the ASA or router (w...

It’s observed that – Phones are not coming up on network when 802.1x is enabled on port. After troubleshooting it’s noted that Port-Security restricts phones not to operate either in Data or Voice Vlans. Problem gets resolved by disabling port-securi...

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