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Hi I am looking to get a basic NAT config for an ASA running 8.2.1 software. I want to NAT all internal traffic to ip address of the outside interface on ASA and am looking for a working config for the NAT piece. My current config is below. Apologies...

Hi there ... I need to upgrade two ASA 5505 to version 8.4, for which I bought memory kits to take them to 512KThe strange thing is neither of them take the memory. One get all light flashing right after booting, and the other one gets into a booting...

Hello folksI am looking to downgrade software on our Cisco ASA 5512-x firewall from 9.12 to 9.11 (dont ask me why, I was told to do so), is there any precedures doing so? would the running-config currently on the firewall be affected by the downgrade...

Hello Experts,Presently we are using OS 8.2.5 version on ASA 5510 model and now planning to update it into 8.4.7 version which I believe it's stable version. Please confirm if any other version you advice.Also, the NATTING and ACL format will be chan...