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HI i had configured the remote access VPN on ASA 5505 with local User, i'm able to connect to remoteaccess VPN but i can ping to any host which allowed in the Split-tunnel ACL & also i can't see any his on the Split-tunnel ACL, can any one please hel...

HiI've not deployed a CX module before. We are about to deploy 2xASA5585-X firewalls with CX modules, (for AVC and WSE).I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this (I've deployed plenty of old OLD ASA's with CSC modules in them, and I'm guessing the CX...

When configuring an ASA for IPS, does the IPS access list need to be the first access list in the configuration?  For example, in our environment, we want to have every packet go through the IPS.  So, if my current configuration is as follows, does t...

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