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Hi guys,We currently are starting to change our remote access to SSL VPN. During testing I have noticed that XP will not work with the stronger encryption methods. It seems that it needs one out of the two out of RC4-SHA1 or 3DES-SHA1. I have had a l...

Hi,Please help to investigate how to order ASA IP bundle licensing!Our customer wants to buy an ASA5515-IPS-K9 bundle with licensing for IP signature updates for 1 or 3 years? Is the bundle built-in ASA5515-IPS-SSP license is enough?Do they need to b...

csharkay by Beginner
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Right now we use OpenDNS for our webfiltering and have our ASA set to only allow DNS requests out to the OpenDNS servers we have configured. If any device tries to use a different DNS, like Google's, the ASA will just drop the traffic. I know how to ...

isomdr by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Hello guys. I have two ASA's, same model and hardware. Asa have configured stateful active/standby failover by someone, few years ago. It was working normally until recently and no one have changed this configuration. Then Secondary unit is failed. P...

Sun Flower by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Hi All,I have an ASA pair which runs in active/standy configuration and below is my problem:- The standby ASA reloads every 7days once but at different times not the same time. - Have replaced the ASA twice. - Have changed the power point and rack as...

Hello,We have 2 ISP lease lines for our internet traffic.  One is a 50mb line which is our primary and the other is a 10mb line which is our backup line.  THey are just working as an HSRP.  Thing is we pay gor the 10mb line but never use it, I sugges...

Resolved! NATing issue.

I originally posted this under security management but I'm thinking that might not be the correct place.  That said I am reporting this here as this appears to be a more appropriate location.---------------------------------------ASDM Version 649-103...

Hi,Can someone explain me why they create the second rule if the firewall it's supossed to be stateful?Question: What firewall rule would I use to only allow HTTP (80/TCP) traffic to and from the hosts on network to a web server at IP addr...

jchenao by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Hi, I am about to purchase two 5515-X next generation firewalls and I need to decide what to do as far as the design goes so I need some help from the experts. This appliances seem to come with 6 1Gbps ports which is enough. In our LAN, we have two ...

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