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firepower dscp marking

Hi Can you create QoS Policies in FMC/FirePower using DSCP markings. For example, I might want to mark some traffic that traverses my firewall East-West with DSCP 46 EF or at least maintain it. Does Firepower take account of DCSP markings for traffic...

rcullum by Beginner
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Resolved! Can ASA5508X with FirePower use Threat Intelligence Director feature ?

Dear All,In our deployment, there are FMC running version 6.6.1 and ASA5508X with Firepower service running version 6.6.1 and I would like to configure Cisco Threat Intelligence Director on FMC for download threat intelligence information from 3 part...


Hello All,I am looping since the morning regarding issue with ASA 5516-X with Firepower services module. I am able to ping internet from ASA but when I am trying from SFR session, I am not able.The consequence is that, no update is possible (like VRT...

Cisco ACS and c3560

Hello, I'm trying to configure on my network devices authentication\authorization(commands) trough Cisco ACS. Authentication works fine but there are some problems with authorization of commands. This problem is only with WS-C3560G-24TS switch, other...

sadist001 by Beginner
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Resolved! FTD/FMC warning

HiAnyone know what the atched warnings mean, we have x2 2100 FTD's and they are both on same version 6.5 these warnings are only under one of the devices not both.?? Thanks

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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ASA Power Supply

I have a question regarding the ASA is that there are two versions ASA5510-k8 but I want to know which is correct as I need the one with a power supply as in this photo, AC or DC is the question?regards

iec1128759 by Beginner
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Resolved! Firepower 4115 - FTD Container Instance Questions

I am in the process to migrate our aging data center ASA 5585 to Firepower 4115 running FTD, our current ASA 5585 is the L3 default gateway of a number of data center networks (50+) for both north-south and east-west firewalling, so I need to use VLA...

a12288 by Participant
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