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I am trying to set up a VPN connection with the host being a ASA 5510. The connection is DSL with a static IP. This is the config I have.I hooked the ASA up to the DSL today and could not get it to work. Anybody see any issues?hostname landfilldomain...

Hi All, we recently installed a activaiton key for the Anyconnect License on our ASA 5520. We have a pair runnning, in Active/Standby mode, on IOS 8.0. The Activation/License was installed on the Primary ASA. Once installed the all failover configura...

May I know.  I have following IPSEC vpn configuration for remote client works well.  I have a question. I have work well with or without "crypto dynamic-map vpn 1 set pfs group1" statement command. What is that "pfs group1" meaning and functioning wh...

alan-wong by Beginner
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Hi all, I have a fairly new install of 5510, been running good last couple of weeks, but I found out from our isp that I have my dns servers in the open for attacks when I had the access-list for incoming using port 53, so I took it out, and somehow ...

Carlomd by Beginner
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I am working with a customer that already has an ASA 5505 V 7.2 installed with port forwarding configured for database updates to their app server. This port forwarding is working fine. Trying to setup a second port forwarding for remote IP phones to...

          I'm trying to copy the running config file from an asa to a text file using tftp and it copies but when the command completes it says cryptochecksum followed by numbers and letters. I open the text file and alot of it is scrambled and doesn...

We have a Cisco ASA 5505. As of yesterday we could no longer access our web server (the web server is hosted off-site). Pinging the DNS address and direct IP (from the firewall and a PC) both return no response. Pinging the IP from the T1 router resp...

natelyman by Beginner
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