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i have a pix 525 and am trying to setup remote access to it. i can connect but i can't ping any ips on the all. in fact the only thing it does is connect and get an ip. below is the config. i have added in a crypto isakmp nat-traversal 30 to...

Hi All,I've  setup my Cisco ASA 5505 in transparent mode. I have a Cisco 1841  connecting to the ISP (DHCP client) and F0/0 for inside. The 1841 is the  DHCP server.  I have my ASA 5505 behind the 1841 in transparent mode  (Vlan 1 for Outside and Vla...

Hi everybody,thanks for an awesome forum!I've spent this moring troubleshooting on a setup where we have a sip trunk comming in and a CME receiving it. Incomming calls didnt work. The setup has worked forever and ever until an upgrade to ASA v9.0(2) ...