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CSM Rule Expiration Email Alert

We bought CSM version 4.3 Already, now we need deploy email alert when rule is expiration, refer the attachment for details configuration. Unfortunately for us when the rule expired, we don’t receive any email alert about the rule expiration, please ...

huanng.isp by Beginner
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Direct Internet Access

Hi,My network x.x.x.x/22 is basically connected to the data center over a point to point WAN link through routers.One of my inside host x.x.x.150/22 require direct internet access as a part of business requirement.I have a dedictaed 100Mbps ADSL line...

Log Reporting during large period

Hi,I'm using ASA 5510 and I wondered if we can configure reporting to know the traffic on each interface,the attaks,the vpn connection during a period ( 1 week or 1 month).For the moment, we can see these logs only in 'real time' .Thank you

avburren1 by Beginner
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PAT with Pool

Hi,We are having an ASA running on 8.2We are planning for natting three /16 subnets with one /24 public IP (outside) 10 - (inside) 10 (inside) 10 (inside) 10 1...

Resolved! Choosing Interface of ASA for ACL

Hi Everyone,Say user is connected to ASA interface X and he need to reach a server which has connection via Z interface of  ASA.We need to open port say 22 and 1123 should we config  the ACL on interface X?ThanksMahesh

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Tracing a Route passing through firewall

Hi Everyone,I am tracing a route which is passing via fw.Did sh route  on fwS [1/0] via, XYlooking to trace check the interface XY on ASA  it is subinterface with IP it means A...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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ASA 5505 Problem ACL

Dear All,I have a problem with the configuration of the ACL of my ASA 5505 router. However, the syntax seems okayaccess-list 121 extended deny icmp anyThanks for your help

bypass connected route

Hi, any help on this would be much appreciated.  I have an ASA 5505 with interfaces inside, outisde, dmz.  I have a site-to-site vpn tunnel set up to another site for my dmz clients.  The tunnel is working just fine.However, my dmz clients need to co...

ippolito by Beginner
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