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if  you create 100 acl  with in that 100 acl  we need to create new acl  middle of that 100 acl how can you write acl middle of acl with out over  write before create acl

Hell, I have discovered that there is a suspecious IP address that I need to block from accessing our network. It is a potential attack on our network. Would be the best way to accomplish that on the ASA? Much appreciated. Best, ~sK

sadik.bash by Beginner
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I have a quick and easy question.Have been using a Cisco PIX 501 Firewall via a DSL connection to my hospital.Would now like to use it on my connection to Comcast cable connection.Does the PIX need to be re configured in any way, or can I just plug i...

weaseldlb by Beginner
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I don't know if anyone here is going to be able to help me with this, because it seems to be a browser issue and not a firewall issue. But either way, I cannot access any PIX pdm's. I can access asdm's without any issue. I was able to access PDM's wi...

Resolved! Nat-Control issue

Hi All,Attached a sample design of my setup.The main objective is to manage the Router by using a secondary IP Address at the Router interface from DMZ Zone,For your information, NAT Control is enabled on the Cisco ASA Firewall.I assigned Secondary I...

Hi Experts,Is it possible to Save/Restore the running/startup configuration of ASA using ASDM ?Just like we do on other firewalls like SonicWall, Cyberoam and all all , Save the configuration to a file on your local machine and then upload the file t...

Hi Does the firewall support ssl vpn with RSA token concept with below mentioned licenseCurrent remote acesss vpn is configured .If yes what are the changed reguired?Licensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces    : UnlimitedMaximu...

HiMy IPS has recently started crashing.  The only way it will function normally is if i do a hw module 1 reload.  It comes back online with green health status for all and then crashes after about 10 mins of activity.  Please see the health output an...

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