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Resolved! PAT limitation

Hi,I'm pretty sure the answer to this is that only one-to-one NAT will do, but in case I've missed a trick, please let me know. I have several internal devices that need to use PAT (due to limited global ip addresses) as shown below where incoming tc...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,I have found this error when i try to make Failover in Active/Standby position.KHI-DR-ASA-BB-01# sh failover stateState          Last Failure Reason      Date/TimeThis host  -    Primary                          Active          NoneOther host -  S...

I am trying to configure netflow export on Cisco ASA firewalls.I have done config and I can also see some packets exported to fluke. However I am not seeing any data on fluke. Is fluke a supported exporter for cisco ASA firewalls?I found this doc and...

Hi Guys,,,I dont know if any of you guys had a problem like this... I installed a CISCO ASA5505 with 50 user license  to my network as the gateway firewall. So ASA is acting as the gaeway router which is connected to a fibre circuit and also it gives...

Hi, all!several organizations wants to place their equipment and servers in my datacenter. They want to use the same resource - I want to connect their servers and VPN-gates via my CISCO ASA 5510. When the organization was the only on ASA w...

Resolved! icmp

Hi All,I have an issue with allowing ICMP from outside to inside. Inside to Outside works great.I would really appreciate if someone could give me some advise.Thanks for all your help!!r13 ( >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( outside ASA inside (...

HiIf i want to do some session limit to dest addressLet say that i have 1milion hosts that need to get my DHCP server after electricity issue and i want to limit the sessions to the DHCP for 3000 req per sec to help my server to stay a lifeSent from ...

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