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Yesterday, after some help from this very forum, I configured  ASA via CLI for Static PAT and created some enteries in an access-list. I will be testing that setup this evening.However on a quick double check of the settings on the device via ASDM I ...

Dears ,Can I upgrade ASA from "disk0:/asa708-k8.bin"  &   asdm-508.bin directly to  asa825-33-k8 and asdm-712  ? What is the proceedure if i go from 7 to 8 ?  For me what will be the suggested upgrade from  asa708-k8.bin & asdm-508.bin ??I will rate ...

Haris P by Level 4
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Hello guys,First of all, sorry for my poor english.Let's see  if anyone can help me out in this one:I´ve recently configured two Cisco ASA´s 5510 in a failover configuration, I´ve tested everything on my desk connecting the ASA´s trought a HP Switch ...

G'day gents,we have deployed a few ASA 5585 SSP40 in our data centers to seperate different customer/security zones connected with 10Gig interfaces. Currently we have a dedicated log server attached to each ASA connected with a p2p 10Gig interface. W...

pille1234 by Level 3
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Hi,I'm looking into Cisco Security Manager. From what I understand you can monitor and manage Cisco security appliances. I'm interested in the monitoring of our Cisco ASAs - specifically, monitoring VPN sessions and their  trending over months at a t...

We bought CSM version 4.3 Already, now we need deploy email alert when rule is expiration, refer the attachment for details configuration. Unfortunately for us when the rule expired, we don’t receive any email alert about the rule expiration, please ...

Hi,My network x.x.x.x/22 is basically connected to the data center over a point to point WAN link through routers.One of my inside host x.x.x.150/22 require direct internet access as a part of business requirement.I have a dedictaed 100Mbps ADSL line...

Hi,I'm using ASA 5510 and I wondered if we can configure reporting to know the traffic on each interface,the attaks,the vpn connection during a period ( 1 week or 1 month).For the moment, we can see these logs only in 'real time' .Thank you

avburren1 by Level 1
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