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Resolved! Telnet to ASA from Nei Switch

Hi Everyone.I have ASA  connected to Switch.This is outside connection.I was trying to Telnet to ASA  from Switch which has outside connection to ASA.I config the commandtelnet outsideStill from Switch i am unable to telnet to...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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RDP through L2L problems.

Having a strange issue with RDP to an XP machine through a L2L tunnel.Tunnel is between an ASA5505 and ASA5510. Site A 5510, Site B 5505I have a handful of Win7 and XP Dev machines running on ESXi 4.1 within Site A.Site B to Site AI can RDP to all Se...

Cybervex3 by Beginner
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firewall creating loop in dmz

We have seen ( though very intermittently , once in 3-4 months) that interface utilization on the switches in DMZ touches almost 100%. Here is our rough topology:Netflow collector----firewall---DMZ---edge router(               fw1           ...

ASA8.2(4) - permit IP option 7

                   How to configure ASA not to drop packets with ip option 7 (record route)?  According to the docs, ip inspect ip option will drop all ip option packets except 0,1,and 20 (EOOL, NOP, or RTRALT):"If an IP header contains additional op...

ASA5512-X power on after power fail

Hi,I have x2 ASA5512-X in a failover pair.I'm testing power on following power failure.Has anybody done this before?I have a delay of boot on a seemingly random chassis,often one powers up straight away, and the other follows later - but I can't fath...

ADAM CRISP by Enthusiast
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Resolved! icmp deny any inside on ASA

Hi Everyone,I applied this on ASAicmp deny any insideAfter applying this1>From ASA  i can ping the inside interface IPciscoasa# ping *********************************************************************************************Inside Inter...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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ASA 5510 cross interface issue

We have a 5510 (8.2) with the following 4 interfaces (security-levels) inside (95), outside(0), dmz(25), and test (95).  The dmz network is and the outside interface is have run into a situation where a dmz hosted iRedMa...

ASA find out allowed ports

Hi Security Experts,Is there a way we can find out on what all ports is the Cisco ASA allowing/dropping connections between two hosts (each host on a different interface on firewall). I am interested in finding out what all requests come from one hos...

Resolved! ASA 5510 with IPS module

HelloI have a couple of ASA 5510 firewalls configured and working.  I'm now charged with configuring the IPS modules.  I'm having to do this remotely.  Since the IPS module hasn't been configured I'm guessing it's on with the default user...

c.spurr by Beginner
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