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I have a network with 2 ASA's with different blocks of IP's on each.I have configured an inbound NAT to a web server on ASA2The inbound NAT works fine, and when I hit the external address I get a hit on the access list and I see the connection made i...

I need to be able to ssh to local interface on an ASA 7.2.5 cluster, IP=X.147.1.110 (primary cluster address) for management.- the acl on the interface allows the connection, and shows hits- ssh is allowed "ssh Y.35.252.0 elink"- fw is ...

I have two routers on my internal network.  I don't have the  means to draw a diagram, and I'm a noob when it comes to Cisco. is a Cisco ASA5510. is a Sonicwall NSA 3500The sonicwall handles our site to site VPN tunnels.  Th...

jscott by Beginner
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                   Hi Everyone,We have SVI vlan on layer 3 core switch A.this switch has connection to ASA  and also to another B Layer 3 switch.B Layer 3 switch connects to Layer 2 switch which has this vlan.Need to undertsand traffic flow from user...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello,Just wondered if anyone else had successfully blocked DNS tunnels (such as NSTX or iodine) from working via DNS inspection on ASA 8.3 or newer?Whilst there is a wealth of information on how to set these up to bypass security restrictions, there...

Hi everyone.At some moment on the FWSM we have these logs: Pre-allocate SIP Via UDP secondary channel for outside: to UP_direct:IP-ADD from REGISTER messageCan anyone say what does it mean? Why the source add is

e_tizyaev by Beginner
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