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Hi i have been given some tasks to do but i can't find anything that can really guide me i tried checking the documents in the main cisco website but it is not really that helpful, now i want these tasks to be done if somebody can just guide me i hav...

We've just installed and configured an HA pair with a Primary and Standby virtual FMCs version We want to set the primary FMC to perform the backup for the pair. I know that in previous versions it has been possible to check an option in the...

Skyw by Level 1
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I am trying to follow a guide on configuring some mPSK authorizations for some aruba AP's and the guide is in an older version of ISE and I almost have it figured out on the newer GUI, but hit a roadblock. Guide:

Chaz by Level 1
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I am pretty new to FTD so they may be a dumb question. I want to setup a FTDv in Azure. I don't have an FMC so I chose the market option to not register with an FMC. The VM deployed as expected, but I have no idea what my next step is. The management...

A critical vulnerability has been identified in a widely used software application across the network. Please which technical tools and procedures can I employ to coordinate and execute a system wide update to patch this vulnerability?

adef by Level 1
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Hi All,     I'm planning to add a new FTD cluster (FP 3140) and manage it through the current FMC which is used to manage 4145 cluster. Can I create the cluster in the FXOS (through Chassis Manager) ? Or it should exclusively be added through FMC? Th...

I have a pair of 4110s, and I had a problem SSHing to the logical ASA's. Having looked at the licensing, it appears that the "Encryption-3DES-AES" is disabled, which is causing it to only accept SSHv1 connections. The problem is, i don't have access ...

Hi, I'm trying to set up PBR (Route Maps) on FTD managed by FDM but I'm finding it impossible, on ASA it would look something like thisaccess-list ROUTEMAP-ACL1 extended permit tcp object CloudKey1 anyroute-map ROUTEMAP1 permit 10 match ip address R...

wcutajar by Level 1
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  Hi All  FTD 3105 : the disk /dev/nvme1n1 is unable to be unlocked or reverted with the existing SED key    We have a new 3105, displaying the following message. When we proceed it reverts to the same screen.  After a couple of reboots, it shows the...

TTboy1988_0-1712842499013.png TTboy1988_1-1712843606916.png

 I am trying to add the no loggin show username command to both our DR-firewall and our Production. I am getting an error when I try to assign it to my production firewall. It already has a FlexConfig Policy assigned to it. Can a device only have one...

ryders1 by Level 1
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