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Folks,I have an asa5520 runing 9.0 that I want to setup for simple NAT, i,e on the outside on the inside with dynamic NAT outbound. The new IOS has thrown me for a loop.. I have everything working except the NAT. Can somebod...

jayturish by Level 1
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I am migrating ubuntu iptables to ASA and since I am not a linux/iptables expert I am having trouble following the nat rules. Can someone hook me up and convert the following for 8.4#$IPTABLES -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -d --dpor...

Hello,I have two identical ASA 5510's with SSM-10 IPS modules. One of the SSM-10 modules is licensed, one is not. Can I move the licensed module (currently installed in the secondary ASA)  to the other ASA 5510 (Primary) without causing a problem?Tha...

This is my first hands on with a newer ASA, in this case a 5515-X. Also the first time I'm doing a greenfield config with the post 8.3/8.4 objects.I can see how the object groups do actually simplify administration, not just for NAT. I've done some t...

rgnelson by Level 1
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I am working on creating some custom signatures.  I created one that works really well for the FTP traffic.  If some one tries to login as most commonly used default user ID's their connection gets reset.  Now that is great.  But we have a secure FTP...

ALIAOF_ by Level 6
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After upgrade my ASA IPS sensor to version 7.1(6)E4 I receive this two Alerts every hour:<161>Sep 19 2012 21:23:09: %ASA-1-505013: ASA-SSM-10 Module in slot 1, application reloading "IPS", version "7.1(6)E4" Config Change<161>Sep 19 2012 21:23:09: %A...

aguia05 by Level 1
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     Hi.I can't connect to ASDM. ASA closes connection becouse browser doesn't support ssl with DES-CBC-SHA<167>:Nov 16 15:52:41 GST: %ASA-session-7-609001: Built local-host inside:<167>:Nov 16 15:52:41 GST: %ASA-session-7-609001: Built loc...

I have a ASA failover detects ...1. Hardward failure on primary ASA2. Failover link failure 3. One interface failure on primary ASAFailover will happen on case 1 and 3..How ASA differentiate these conditions.please clarify my doubt.ThanksS...

s.kanth by Level 1
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Hi ThereI am working on a task of redirecting any uncatched http traffic to Symantec public transparent proxy through Cisco ASA. For the definition of uncatched http traffic, we have inbound squid servers for deploying IE proxy pac and redirect the h...

Qing Yu by Level 1
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I dont really get it with NAT overloading on version 8.4.2, it's really confusing.See the following configuration;interface GigabitEthernet0 nameif outside security-level 0 ip address!interface GigabitEthernet1 nameif inside s...

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