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Resolved! Translating PAT From Public IP to Inside Address

Is it possible with the Cisco ASA to translate an outside address to an internal address during PAT? So i want to do is to dynamic outside address translation after the PAT. So if a user on the outside connects to us thru a PAT rule, his outside is t...

Tshi M by Contributor
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Resolved! ASA cannot update with NTP

Hi Jcarvaja and all :I have problem that ASA5505 cannot update the time to the NTP which I set to local host connect with the ASA.Refer to the picture below, the ASA time cannot update to 10:49 from 10:29 accordingly. I already set the NTP address to...

Resolved! PAT on PPPOE ( DHCP) interface

Hi all,i am first time using the new ASA IOS ( 8.4) and frankly i am in troubleI have one PPPOE interface ( Ip assigned from DHCP) i want to use PAT on that interface and divert FTP traffic to the host inside Can any one please help me in resolving t...

Firwall upgrade

i have PIX-525 firewall with no IOS " im working from monitor mode ".i need to install 8.X IOS can is install it immediatly , or should i install previous version and upgrade to 8.X .thnx

Simple access to ASA SSM

Hi All,This doesn't seem like rocket science, but I'm a little stuck at the moment.I have four ASA 5520's with AIP-SSM modules recently installed. Two of them went through the simple setup process, browsed to the IP address, happy days all working an...

bikespace by Beginner
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Cisco ASA 5520 failover

Hi All,Please can someone help with a failover issue that I ahve and Ijust cant get my head round it..I have two sites connected via 10G LES link and I have a Cisco ASA 5520 at each site. One of the Sites is the DC and the other is our DR site.I have...

ASA 5505 Outside -> DMZ web access

I have a server in the dmz and I cannot access it via port 80 from the web.  I can ping the public ip without any problem but for some reason web and rdp cannot be accessed.  The web server on the inside interface is working fine.Anyone have any idea...

One Direction NAT on FWSM

I want to configure a NAT Statement on a FWSM so that traffic initiated by an end user to a server with an IP Address of 10.20.x.x network will access it via a corresponding 10.60.x.x address.  But, I want all communications initiated by the server t...

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