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Hi Expert,Do you now if it is possible to disable the xlate for some connection?The ASA has some concurrent session limitation that, I think, is related to xlate connections.As my firewall is not performing any kind of NAT, is it possible to disabe x...

Hi All,We have a ASA 5520 (redundant) in our network which we are using for different customers. For every new customer we create a new VLAN and place their servers in this VLAN. On the ASA we create a new subinterface for every customer which is con...

iconnectit by Beginner
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Hello folksBrand new user.  I just received my hardware and I'm attempting to set it up.  No problems with setting up the 5510 so far.  I used eth 0/0 for Outside and eth 0/3 for inside.  Everything works as far a I can tell.  Now I'm trying to set u...

I noticed today that the S623 release includes the retiring of signatures 3030-0 (TCP Syn sweep) and 2100-0 (ICMP Echo sweep).  I find it interesting that Cisco has opted to have these signatures disabled by default.  I figure it is part of the recen...

I have noticed this signature ( 5403-0) has been firing off more often in our environment.  i've noticed some of the of the destination IP addresses are actually own by Skype, I haven't had any time to investigate fully, but thought i'd see if anyone...

Dear All,I want to make a port forward, i don'n know how can i do it.I have an proxy server 50.11 behind the firewall and i want to forward all HTTP:80 request to 50.11:3128, and i want the 50.11:80 requests release out through the firewall. The insi...

Hi, got into a dead end here. I have a pair of ASA firewalls running as active/standby. I'd like to use the 'failover exec' to issue commands on the standby firewall via the active one. This shouldn't be a problem, but we have AAA command authorizati...

diogo by Beginner
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HiIs there any way to see what the following error is and how to stop it, Message #102 : _tcp_listen: failed to create thread for interface 2 port 23Message #103 : process_create: out of memory Thanks Craig

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