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Hi All,Currently MTU size on the outside interface is 1500.If i change it to  1450  does it have any impact.we have site to site ipsec vpn.Between router and firewall we have bluecoat packet shaper. on that packet we have allocated 2mbps bandwidth be...

hii have by mistake issued the remove all from rommon & not my ips has no image.My question is, i have another IPS that i wish to copy the image from. I cannot work out how to do this?I dont think copy flash tftp works. The IPS is a 4240, i do have a...

What's the best way to bypass inspection of traffic to port 443 in IPS configuration? I don't want to use Event Action Filter because that will actually still use the inspection engine and match signatures and just exclude actions. I need inpsection ...

Hi guys:I'm looking for a command that I use on a Router which is SHOW ENVIROMENT and it shows me the temperature and voltage of the device, but I'm trying to see this information on a IPS, as far as I know and I already check all the commands and I ...

I have installed a CA signed certificate onto an ASA with ASDMthe exact and full procedure is documented here problem is that I need to do this via CSM ...

hpretori by Cisco Employee
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Hello,I want to change my internal ip of my pix 515 firewall - i want to change it from to - does anyone know what simple command i would need?I am vlanning my network so want to put my pix into vlan 100.thank you

Hi,I configured one ASA 5510 firewall with CSC-SSM-10 in one of my customer location.Here i want configure my firewall to send email alerts to particular mail ID, if anybody any access my network from outside( Like VPN users).Please how to configure ...

Resolved! 5505 as dhcp help.

Hey guys.I am opening a small branch office in another state and the equipment we purchased is as follows:ASA55053560G.We'll use a site to site vpn but just in case there's connectivity issues I'd like to use the ASA as DHCP. So far I have a scope de...

Hello Friends...I am attempting to switch my ISP over to a new \ faster ISP. The line has been run and I have new public IP's I need to configure on my ASA. The firewall config is shown below...What I am attempting to do is to configure an unused int...

David Hunt by Beginner
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