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I have a 20/20 MB circuit and an ASA 5510 and I am able to setup policing were the interace gets 512k down and 128k up so when I conduct a speed test with one user I get 512k and 128k and when I conduct a speed test with two users each gets 256k and ...

I have a server that has an old kernel that is vulnerable to a security weakness related to TCP sequence number generation. This is now put behind a Cisco ASA 5510 and static map to an external IP. Will the cIsco ASA intercept the traffic and re-gene...

eppietong by Level 1
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Need good practice advice Is this a good practice to control traffic coming from internal to the outside, like allowing only http and https by using access rules on the inside interface ?ThanksSent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Dear All,I am planning to design a netwrok with full redundancy in lan as well as wan.Attached is my network topology.Below are my requirements :- 1) Configuring cisco asa in Active/standy failover.2)Running a routing protocol (probobaly EIGRP) b/w L...

shekhar by Level 1
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I have Cisco ASA 5510 , from ASA CLI i can not resolved the hostname. ( or many form say do this.1. Whilst in enable mode > enter configure terminal mode, then enable DNS Lookups.CiscoASA#conf tCiscoASA(config)# dns domain-loo...

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