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Resolved! Question on VPN ACL's and sysopt

Hi, I've not used  PIX/ASA for a while and was wondering the following:We currently terminate site2site & RA vpn's directly on our perimeter ASAWhat would be the better option - to use sysopt or not - ie:If we use the external firewall acl to screen ...

monkeyboy by Beginner
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Load Balancing

There are two Unix server A and B acting as a reverse proxy server.Both the server A and B Natted with public IP to C and D respectively on Cisco ASA 5540 firewall.The Public IP C and D got registered in public DNS server for Domain name registration...

SSM 4GE - mac address

Hi all,last week i setup a brand new ASA 5540 (with SSM 4GE) 2GB in my lab from scratch - out of the box.ASA    8.3(2) 8.2(3) 8.0(5) ... and so onASDM 6.3(4)From setup was installed a subnetted Class C foroutside / 28 --> g0/0inside  / 28  --> g0/1dm...

transparent mode asa

Hi group ,access pc's and servers are having ip addresses from a same subnet ie they are sharing same broadcast i need to implement transparent mode asa firewall.but  on switch i need to define two different vlans one for access pc's and ...

Resolved! hotspot filtering list

Hi,I'm configuring a hotspot port on an ASA and was wondering if anyone had a outbound acl handy that would cover most of the stuff likely related to hacking. Just thought if you already had the list, why reinvent it? Thanks if you can share.

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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2 ISPs one default route!

Hi everybody,I have problem to setup my server to use second ISP connection that is not use as a default route.the topology is: I have server in Ethernet 3 in my ASA55020 firewall. IP is GW My firewall default route i...

Resolved! Port Forwarding on ASA 5505

I am trying to get my Cisco ASA 5505 to forward 2 ports to a server that runs a program called a repeater which is basically UltraVNC for remote access. The 2 ports are 5500 and 5901.The server IP is 192.168.0.xx and my public IP is 173.165.93.xxIf I...

mramirez by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA IOS revision notes

Does Cisco provide the revision history/bugfixes/new features of each ASA IOS release?For example, on the ASA 5505 platform, 8.4(1) just came out but I don't know where to find the above information or if it is even availabe.

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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layer-2 firewall

Hi,I'm interested in layer-2 firewall feature set.internet--->firewall---->(load balancer)load balancer is in our internal all traffic will hit the load balancer VIP and they load balancer will route traffic to the server. load balancer...

gavin han by Beginner
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AIP-SSM-20 to send Email alerts

Dear all,I want to find out if it is possible to configure AIP-SSM to send an email alert whenever it blocks a packet or reset a connection. I am thinking of setting my AIP-SSM to alert me on mail whenever it blocks a connection. If possible, how do ...

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