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ASA outside, outside gateway is am trying to map this host to an IP that is not currently used, it is not working, debugging of ping from inside host to the gateway shows as ...

Hello everyone:Has anyone seen an ASA not record hit against an ACL? I have two 5520s in a Primary/Secondary configuration, versions 8.4(1) and ASDM 6.4(1). There are several ACLs that are all recording zero hits but I know for a fact that those are ...

Dear collective Cisco geniuses...I upgraded my ASA 5520 with the latest image. Now I get an error upon launching ASDM.Version Mismatch:Your ASA image has a version number 7.2(4) which is not supported by ASDM 6.4(1) Please use Device Manager version ...

Hi,I would you like to know if its possible to use a cisco router like relay syslog.Infact, I have 1 router (router A) who can't access directly to the syslog server, and an other router (router B) who can access to the server. Of course, router B an... my office i do have a cisco 877 to get access to the internet where i do have a static  IP address. The LAN has IP with to be the my LAN i do have a voip server which is on of the PCs have ac...

I have a couple of  ASA with some SSM-10 and SSM-20 modules. My CSM is currently not working on the auto update side and i'm a bit behind on the updates till I  figure out what's the issue.. Can somebody tell me what link can I manually downoad the s...

kwanm63my by Beginner
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Hi,I have a ASA 5505 which stops pretty early in the boot sequence.This is all that shows up,CISCO SYSTEMSEmbedded BIOS Version 1.0(12)13 08/28/08 15:50:37.45Low Memory: 632 KBHigh Memory: 251 MBPCI Device Table.Bus Dev Func VendID DevID Class       ...

Facing problem while configuring Active/Standby failoverNote :- Please help on how to enable the VPN-3DES-AES and another ASA BoxMate's license (VPN-3DES-AES Enabled) is not compatible  with my license (VPN-3DES-AES Disabled). Failover will be  disab...

abhi-adte by Beginner
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Dear Support,Can somebody clarify for me the difference between creating rules using Access rules and using ACL Manager?when i create a rule graphically, i see it on ASDM and when i create the same rule using cli, i cannot see it on Access rules, i c...

zain_gabon by Beginner
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I am using a three interface ASA config (Internet, DMZ, Inside).  The DMZ and Inside networks are both RFC 1918 space however it is against our corporate policy to allow our DMZ IP space to be internally routable, therefore we must target routable IP...

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