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We have 2 separate ISP connections with 2 separate routers, during a recent router outage we found that our PIX firewall was not routing to the second default route that I have in the pix configuration.  Doing some searches on CCO, I have seen some d...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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I have a Windows 2003 server running a L2TP VPN server on it. I'm putting theASA5505 in replacement of an opensource firewall.My question is that, I can't seem to forward the ports correctly for L2TP to the internal address of the 2k3 VPN server. It ...

Hello Experts,We're looking for a DDOS mitigation appliance to protect our production servers from any of such attacks. I've come across Cisco Guard DDoS Mitigation Appliances XT 5650 and 560-B:

Ehsan M. by Beginner
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Hello.Recently, I've been having significant problems with denial of service on our ASA-5510. Two IP addresses in particular attack my ASA regularly. What kind of rule do I need to create to deny these IP's access to my firewall?Thanks!Sent from Cisc...

SamMooreIT by Beginner
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On my ASA5510, i cannot rdp to host in the DMZ from VPN (, but can access it from internal.  I thought my NAT statement would be all i need (static (inside,SP_DMZ) netmask, but still does...

perptech1 by Beginner
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Hello,I need to upgrade the compact flash of my ASA 5510 from 256MB to 512MB. A friend's recommendation was to buy a card reader, copy all of the data from the existing card and paste it to the new compact flash. I have a hard time believing that it'...

SamMooreIT by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Pix 501: POP Issue

Hi,I'm having one small issue with my Pix 501 6.3(5) firewall, I have configured these Acls.....Pix(config)# access-list LIVE_SMTP permit tcp any host x.x.x.x eq 25Pix(config)# access-group LIVE_SMTP in interface outsidePix(config)# access-list LIVE_...

saeedccie by Beginner
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How can we host 300+ secure (https) websites using a couple of public IP's on an ASA5520 with AIP SSM-20 and with as few certificates as possible?Summary of set-up:We currently host a number of websites using an ASA5520 and use host headers, so have ...

mbookham by Beginner
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Hi Support,I have one ASA configured on one Internet Provider.My Boss installed a second Provider link and ask me to make the both link working simultaneously.How can i configured the both asa with differents ISP to work simultaneously.Find attached ...

zain_gabon by Beginner
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PCs are using ASA inside interface ( as their default gateways and are able to access the Internet via the outside interface (x.x.x.50) without any problems. Here is the challenge I am having : I need to route a particular network to a ro...

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