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Hi Guys,Is it possible to upgrade the Pix 515 memory to 256mb. I searched on line and found there is not option to upgrade to 256mb. Can someone please confirm this?Also during search I found people saying using 3rd parties Ram, pix 515 can upgrade t...

Hello,Does anyone knows how to get more detailed info about ASA DMA memory pool?We have an ASA device which has an alarm regarding low DMA free mem detail, says following:Free memory:                     867150136 bytes (81%)Used memory: ...

jasmina27s by Beginner
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I have a VM that I run IME on.  The problem I have is if there is a power outage or other event that causes the ESX server to reboot, then I have to login to the IME server and start IME.  Can I setup the IME to auto load?

melcara by Beginner
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Hi,We have an IPS 4240. We do not have any SNMP logging,but there are many Alterts of High siverity and we would like to know all that is of High sivereity. But when we query the event viewer, it shows only for the last 3 days. Does this mean the log...

Hi,We will like to achive HA between two datacentres.Please see an attached topology diagram.Our ASA will be connected through Pair of Nexus, and if the WAN link broke between two datacentres, how will ASA will detect the failure because local link b...

Hello,I recently upgraded my firewalls to 8.2(4), since then we have had an issue connecting to remote hosts vis ssh.  (this upgrade may be a red herring as it didn't effect ssh on another site)the problem is from inside i can start an ssh session to...

Hello,Is there some documentation on what exactly the default esmtp inspect map does? I am unable to find any. I would like to create an own esmtp inspect map but would like to base it on the default map.By the way. Cisco's default esmtp inspect map ...

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