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HI I have setup a Trixbox server behind a Cisco Firewall. I am able to connect the calls but not listening both side voice.. I have opened almost all ports for Voice, like SIP, IAX , RTP and other. But I am not able to listen Voice . Please help Than...

Hi.I have a network setup like this:Internet - Cisco 2911 - Multiple VLANsI have configured access to network through PPTP when you connect to the routers external IP. From there i want people to get access to their own VLAN based on their...

Hi,Can anyone enlighten me about the shared licensing of ASA?I have 2 ASA 5585 in cluster and I have to Implement SSL / VPN license  My question:Since I have a cluster in 8.3 version, can I use only one license VPN / SSL for two, without necessarily...

ComstorFR by Beginner
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Hi,We are using an ASA 5510 and remote access (SSL VPN) using the AnyConnect client.Is it possible to display a user message when a user connects using the AnyConnect client, matching a specific dynamic access policy? Can the message be displayed wh...

FWSM/XXX#sh crypto ipsec SA PEer GigabitEthernet0/0.3211    Crypto map tag: RT-VPN, local addr   protected vrf: (none)   local  ident (addr/mask/prot/port): (   remote ident (addr...

nihammimm by Beginner
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Strange....never seen this before.Trying to configure ssh for a 2821 router.Domain name configured...generated keys...When I configure the vty for "trans in ssh tel" it doesn't take and reverts back to "trans input telnet ssh."I also have a line 66 c...

gdiazjr03 by Beginner
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Hi Forumerr'sGreeting. I just wanna know what's the cisco best practise for ASA to protect Internet Edge / DMZ, with no web proxy / web security appliance exist at the back to support.My scenario is just internet --> ASA --> Switch --> Web Server. Fi...

hi all, after installing the ASA on the network, i have drop ping packets every few mins and it will resolve only when the arp table is cleared manually or the arp table refresh by itself. I have tried upgrading the IOS to 7.21 but it does not...

sloh by Beginner
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HiI am supposed to compare some different firewalls and for some of my questions I couldn't find any answere, so I am trying this place to find them.Hope it is helpful:maximum number of ip per interface?does it support STP in bridge interfaces?maximu...

Resolved! PIX501 & port 987

Hello,I have a customer running a PIX501 with ver 6.3 (5).  They have a server with Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 and need to forward port 987, HTTPS for RWW, to the server.  My question is about the "fixup protocol" part, is port 987 supporte...

Hi,I am looking for ports use by CAM, CAS, Profiler, Guest server, Collector and Agent. Which ports should be opened in the network when deploying all these devices? Where I will get this information?Regards,DMG

dngore by Cisco Employee
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I have a question about what is included in the ASa 5585x SSP-10 Security Plus License.According to all the documentation that I am able to find and a call to Cisco Partner support, the only difference is the enabling of 10Gb SFP's.The price differen...

cds-cisco by Beginner
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