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Dear allI got the quotation for CON-SU3-AS1A10K9 from some vendors, I want to update my IPS signature automatically from it valid for this purpose?? Could you please explain me about this product number what does it do. will I be able to...

We currently use a cut-through proxy-like feature on Juniper SSG firewalls for our guest wireless network that allows a seven day (168 hour) timeoout, which matches the DHCP lease time.  This extended time is not a problem with the SSG since it maint...

jimsiff by Level 1
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Hello!!I am going to implement a new ASA 5520 in a network with two ISP, but I have a question with the route because with one provider the user can access to internet but with the second services provider the user have the e-mails, so this is the to...

kathy-kat by Level 1
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Hi.Please I need help.I have my server with the "Active Directory SSO" started, but when a user try to connect to the network with his credentials that have in the Active Directory, the agent PC say that "Invalid username and password"My server is li...