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ASA 5506 - no SSH possible

Hello TogetherPlease i will open for LAN "Inside" the SSH Port. try with this commands but no postive result appair "Connection redused"i know iam on the right way, please and thanks for any Update:asa(config)# crypto key generate rsa general-keys mo...

RV345 Client-To-Site VPN not working

Hi, can anyone help me to how setup a client-to-site vpn on RV345 router, I've tried many ways but no luck. I already went through the Cisco guide for this on

mydeevel by Beginner
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CSM vulnerability

Hello,  I upgraded CSM 4.19 to 4.22 SP1 to be covered from the CVE-2020-27131 vulnerability.The thing is that the scan finds again this vulnerability.  The customer informed me that this path cwhp/CSMSDesktop/about.jsptriggers the vulnerability in Qu...

OSPF Bi-directional forwarding on FTD

Hello,I'd like to configure the ospf bi-directional forwarding on a FTD 2130 using FDM.Could someone help me? I've checked on FDM, there weren't any BFD CLI commands in OSPF config even I clicked on "SHOW DISABLED". But I saw in BGP config.Maybe I ca...

h.dam by Beginner
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ASA virtual IP concept

Coming from a netscreen/junos background... For allowing access to the inside from a DMZ IP I'd usually configure a VIP using an IP in the DMZ network that would map/nat to an IP on the inside interface and apply the appropriate acl/policies to that ...

ASA failover failed....

Hi there people in my phone,  We have a pair of ASAs in a failover pair, and the failover has failed with an interface error.  Interfaces on the FW and connecting switch are both up/up, no configuration has been changed, and it's been fine for the la...

alastair27 by Beginner
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