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Resolved! Static NAT question

Hello,I'm needing to send two ports to a single port on my ASA5505. I've looked all over the net and can't find a way to do this. Is it possible to do this in the ASA5505?Here is what I need to do. I need port 25 and port 26 to go to port 25 of my...

khoose by Beginner
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Resolved! NAC with 6509

Hi All, I've setup mac-notif on 6509 chassis, but it doesn't send mac-notif to the NAC. in agent, I got: "OOB Error; connected device MAC not found". here is config of 6509:snmp-server community privatecw121! RWsnmp-server community publiccw121! ROsn...

Resolved! router on a stick

We just installed a new Internet filter that uses a SPAN source port to see the traffic heading to/from the Internet. A problem arose because our remote access vpn users are bypassing the filter since their traffic never crosses the SPAN source port...

Port Forwarding

Hello,Can anyone help me out with the Port forwarding in ASA 5520 My Client from outside connecting to My inside SFTP server using port 21 and they use secure key but when they trying to connect client geeting an error authentication fail so we decid...

IPSec site-2-site VPN on ASA5510

I have an ASA5510 running 8.2.1 code for site-2-site VPN.I want to establish VPN between this ASA5510 and a remote peer which is a Cisco 1841 which has an external IP address of would like to be to allow ONLY IP address to establish ...

cisco24x7 by Frequent Contributor
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Cisco PIX - ACL to permit range

I have an old Cisco pix 515r v6.3I need to permit a range of IP's to our mail server on port 25 (only this range should be able to access PORT 24 on the mail server). I'm not very familiar with the PIX, so any help with this would be appreciated. Wha...

Resolved! NAT config

My company has a /24 global address. The NAT/PAT was setup to translate approx. 60 addresses per subnet using NAT, and then “failover” (is that the right terminology) to PAT. So we have something like what I have below:Engineering (subnet 10.7.7....